Saturday, September 11, 2010

Everything's Fine with Sandy Denny in the Background

I am one of the many who believe Sandy Denny to be the greatest British Folk singer of all time.  I'll have to remember to listen to her more often. 

My Debbie Bliss Kirsty sweater is coming along nicely.  I do like moss stitch and it lays nice and flat.  Don't have to block it much.

Does anyone out there watch Doc Martin?  I have watched the entire first season on Netflix and I love it.  Wasn't sure I would  - the first episode was kind of iffy for me but now I'm hooked.  LOOOOOOOVE Netflix Instant View.  I can watch a bunch of my favorite British shows and get some new ones.  I never watch regular TV but I love me some Netflix.  Charlie (eldest son by three minutes) and I have watched the complete first season of Merlin.  LOVE it.  Netflix and knitting are a match made in heaven. 

I'm going to try to knit more with just music on in the background - Sandy Denny will be perfect. 

Knitting is such a passive thing.  Maybe if I could exercise while knitting I might exercise once in a while and not watch too much Netflix.  Maybe I could lose the "baby weight" I've been lugging around for 10 years.  Now it is becoming middle age weight.  Argh.

Forty-five tomorrow.  It is hitting me hard for some reason.  I was hoping to feel "45 and fabulous" but instead I'm feeling "45 and forgettable".  I must work on that.  I do believe that my 45-year-old hormones are putting me through the ringer though.  Must be perimenopause?????  Oh Joy! Rapture!


  1. Picky-

    45 is rough....but I got a little more slammed at 46. Over that hump and closer to 50. My body feel like 75 but my head is like 18. so if you divide it in half I am actually 28 1/2. I can deal with that.
    You will never be forgettable at least here at 8714. You are an amazing mom, a patient wife and a faboo caregiver to every creature that crosses your path.
    Don't forget...I am with you in the cottage. I got the sheep herding dogs. We talked about a B&B....but maybe it's just a chocolate and pie shop/cafe.
    Loving the new blog.